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Waltz Online Giving

Powered by Pineapple Payments

Accept Donations Online

with Waltz

At Waltz Envelope Service, we understand the growing need for a digital addition to your giving program. That's why we partnered with Pineapple Payments to offer a simple, affordable and secure online donation platform to the churches that we serve.


Easily create a Hosted Payment Page for donations, fundraising, event registration and more!


Store members' payment information and setup automatic scheduled contributions for your church.


Our solution is PCI Compliant, to reduce your liability and keep both your church and members safe.


Your Hosted Payment Page can be shared in a number of ways. Embed it on your website, provide a link, or even create a QR code.


Easily track your members' online giving with flexible and exportable contribution reporting. 

Want to learn more? Fill out the form below to be put in touch with a representative!

About Pineapple

Pineapple Payments offers a wide variety of payment processing solutions for non-profit organizations nationwide. To learn more, visit 

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