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Contribution Recording and Reporting

Keep your members up to date with their giving history

Keeping track of your members' giving history can be an expensive and time-consuming task for your office. Simplify your giving program with the Waltz Envelope Company's Contribution Recording andReporting service!

As part of the service, you will receive a comprehensive overview of your giving program, broken down by member. You can even customize the report to meet your specifications, and choose the frequency in which you'll receive them.  

Here's how it works:


Step One

Waltz supplies you with pre-labeled shipping cartons. Fill the cartons with your emptied envelopes (Batched in small groups of 100-200 with batch totals) and ship them to a Waltz processing center*.

Step Two

Detailed reports are prepared, customized to your specifications

  • By contributor

  • By dollars contributed

  • Etc

Step Three

The envelopes are recycled per church's instructions. 

Step Four​

Statements are customized and distributed to your preference (either annually or quarterly - additional available upon request.

Want to learn more? 

Call us at (401) 769-4900 or request a quote by following the link below!

Note: Contribution Recording and Reporting is available only to envelope customers of Waltz Envelope Service. Available only if using pre-numbered and dated envelopes.

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