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Introducing DipJar

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Frequently asked questions

About DipJar

Where Can I Use DipJar?

Collect donations anywhere! DipJar is plug-and-play: simply power up and you're ready for donors to start securely dipping. It's designed to be used by anyone and everyone who wants to financially support your organization.

What if my fundraiser is not at our location?

DipJar connects via LTE wireless, so you can take it on the go! The device does need to be plugged in, so be sure to purchase the Portability Kit if you won't be near a power outlet. We encourage organizations to use DipJar for on-site collections, cause marketing and event collections.

Do I need an internet connection?

DipJar connects via LTE wireless, ready to send encrypted card data to be processed.

Does my organization receive the funds collected through DipJar?

You're able to enter your bank account(s) in the Dashboard for direct deposits. Funds are disbursed at your choice of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Can our donors make online donations with DipJar?

DipJar offers SparkVirtual, an online fundraising solution that enables you to accept online and mobile donations. All SparkVirtual campaigns are optimized to be used on a web browser, tablet, or mobile device. You can easily manage your SparkVirtual campaigns in the Dashboard. Please note: SparkVirtual is only available to customer at the Premium or Enterprise levels.


Is there a way to track and manage our DipJar donations?

The dashboard gives you access to a suite of tools to track donations, measure impact, and manage donors. The account owner can set up as many users as needed for access to the dashboard to make management easy.

What is Spark Display?

Spark Display allows you to promote your giving campaign on any screen to help encourage donations and updates in real-time to display dips from your DipJar device. Set up your custom Spark Display campaign on the dashboard. Our support team is available if you need assistance during setup!


What are DipJar's fees?

Each DipJar device costs $299. This fee includes customization of the device's face plate with your logo or artwork of choice.

What are the pricing plan options?

There are three pricing plans to ensure you find a plan that works for your organization. Each subscription includes LTE wireless connectivity for your DipJar device, personalized support, access to the dashboard, and Spark Display campaigns. The Basic Plan is intended for organizations that wish to only use the DipJar device, not SparkVirtual online campaigns. The Premium Plan benefits include lower transaction fees for donations and SparkVirtual Online Giving. If your organization is purchasing 5 or more DipJar devices, select the Enterprice plan for a customized plan.

Can we purchase more than one DipJar?

Yes! All DipJars owned by your organization are easily managed through the dashboard. Each DipJar requires an annual subscription to cover the device's LTE wireless connectivity and support. Your subscription for additional DipJar devices is discounted to $129/year.

How do I customize my DipJar?

Shortly after placing your order, you'll receive an email instructing you to reply with the image file of the logo or artwork you would like to use. The print area is 3.5 x 3 inches or 436 px by 288 px. Preferred file types include: .png, .svg, .eps, or .ai.

What information do I need during the account setup?

You will need to know your organization's entity type and some sensitive information about individuals in your organization that either controls the flow of funds or are beneficiaries of the organization. This information is require by our processing bank. Your data will be kept private and will only be share with the processing bank.

Subscription Pricing


Donor Covered Fees

This new feature allows you to pass credit card transaction fees onto the donor, meaning that your organization gets 100% of the intended donation! 


Many donors don't know that your organization has to pay transaction fees and don't receive their full donation when they donate by credit card. So, when you turn this feature on for your DipJar or SparkVirtual campaigns, it allows your donor to go the extra mile for your mission and cover those fees.